David K. Joyce

Quartz, Baryte, Silver, Stephanite

7.1x5.0x4.4 cm
White Raven Mine
Colorado, USA

Quartz, Baryte, Silver, StephaniteQuartz, Baryte, Silver, StephaniteQuartz, Baryte, Silver, Stephanite

Item number: 20076

This is an interesting one! It consists of barite crystals covering the top of it and all of the barite crystals are encrusted with quartz and a beiger/brown carbonate, probably siderite. On one side of the specimen there are many fairly sharp cube-octahedral of galena. On the bottom of the piece is a vug that has siderite, stephanite and small clusters of silver wires. There is an antique label affixed to the specimen that says the "barite" crystals are pseudos of quartz after baryte. I see none that are actually pseudomorphs. Great old time specimen! The label also has the specimen as from the collection of J.C. Cooper, Topeka, Kansas. Great old-time specimen!