David K. Joyce

The Songs

If you would like to read some background on a song and/or see the lyrics, just click on the title of the song that you are interested in. You may also listen to a clip of each song by clicking the Play button next to the track indicated. Please Note: The listening feature may not be available using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

  Song Time, min:sec Listen
1. Packsack Miner 3:37
2. Crystals That I've Known 5:20
3. Damn the Glaciers 3:28
4. Agate Lickers
5. Diggin' in a Hole 3:17
6. Highway 17 6:04
7. Gold is Where You Find It 3:32
8. Crystal Systems 3:38
9. The Mineral Dealer 4:36
10. Miner's Home

The Miner’s Home

11. Glory Hole 4:36
12. Why? 3:33